Product: 5000-G-60F-Q-4

Product Information

Flat Field Green (FS34095) Enamel


1-GP-88M, Type 1

Colour Information

Colour Specification: Fed. Std. 595

Colour Code: 34095

Field green

Technical Data Information


5000 line

Trade Name


Alkyd Enamel


5000 Line enamels are specially formulated to provide good exterior durability in a single component alkyd system. It is intended for use on farm, construction and material handling equipment as well as light to moderate service environments and trailer refurbishing.


  • Tough, Hard, Flexible Films
  • Very Good Oil Resistance
  • Very Good Gasoline Resistance
  • Good Colour and Gloss Retention

Surface Preparation

Ferrous (Steel): Must be clean and free from dirt, oil, grease, rust or other contaminants. Sandblasting to SSPC SP-6 or better is recommended along with an appropriate primer system. Proper surface preparation will enhance the performance of the coating system. Galvanized or Satin Cote substrates may require a vinyl wash primer to ensure good adhesion and coating performance. Aluminum: Clean using an appropriate conversion treatment then prime with vinyl wash primer or D-90Y.

Mixing Instructions

Mix thoroughly. Reduce as necessary for spray.

Spray Viscosity

See application method.

Line Specification

1-GP-88 1-GP-135 TT-E-529 Type I TT-E-527 Type I

Tempo Aerospace is a AS9100D and ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturer and distributor of high performance polyurethane, epoxy, polysiloxane, lacquer and alkyd coatings.

Our specialty lies in producing made to order batches, ranging from 1 to 300 gallons (4 to 1,100L) in our 25,000 square foot controlled goods certified facility in Toronto, Canada. Custom labelling and packaging in compliance with IATA, IMDG and TDG provides expedited turnaround times for sensitive orders.

Our products are shipped worldwide.

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