Colour: FedStd595 : 23522

Colour Specification: Fed. Std. 595

Colour Code: 23522



Part NumberDescription
MIL-E-15090C Class 2, Ty. III235222200-B-64LSGSemi Gloss Tan (FS23522) Bake Enamel
TT-E-529, Ty. II235222200-B-64LSGSemi Gloss Tan (FS23522) Bake Enamel
MIL-E-15090C Class 2, Ty. III235222200-B-64LSG-QSemi Gloss Tan (FS23522) Bake Enamel
TT-E-529, Ty. II235222200-B-64LSG-QSemi Gloss Tan (FS23522) Bake Enamel
DHMS C4.04 T2 Cl.A GrA IsP Am3235224800-B-64-QSemi Gloss Tan (FS23522) DuraThane
MIL-C-83286235224800-B-64-QSemi Gloss Tan (FS23522) DuraThane
D-12-003-001/SF-002235224800-B-64-QSemi Gloss Tan (FS23522) DuraThane
TT-E-529F235225000-B-64SGSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Enamel
TT-E-527F235225000-B-64SGSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Enamel
1-GP-135M235225000-B-64SGSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1235225000-B-64SGSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Enamel
TT-E-529F235225000-B-64SG-QSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Enamel
TT-E-527F235225000-B-64SG-QSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Enamel
1-GP-135M235225000-B-64SG-QSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1235225000-B-64SG-QSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Enamel
BAMS 565-002 Rev.B, Gr.A235227800-B-64Semi Gloss Grey (FS23522) DuraThane
MIL-PRF-85285 Type I Class H235229800-B-64Semi Gloss Tan (FS23522) DuraThane II HS
MIL-L-52043c23522L92SGSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Nitrocellulose Lacquer
TT-L-20A23522L92SGSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Nitrocellulose Lacquer
TT-L-32A23522L92SGSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Nitrocellulose Lacquer
MIL-L-1028723522L92SGSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Nitrocellulose Lacquer
MIL-L-52043c23522L92SG-QSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Nitrocellulose Lacquer
TT-L-20A23522L92SG-QSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Nitrocellulose Lacquer
TT-L-32A23522L92SG-QSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Nitrocellulose Lacquer
MIL-L-1028723522L92SG-QSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Nitrocellulose Lacquer

Tempo Aerospace is a AS9100D and ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturer and distributor of high performance polyurethane, epoxy, polysiloxane, lacquer and alkyd coatings.

Our specialty lies in producing made to order batches, ranging from 1 to 300 gallons (4 to 1,100L) in our 25,000 square foot controlled goods certified facility in Toronto, Canada. Custom labelling and packaging in compliance with IATA, IMDG and TDG provides expedited turnaround times for sensitive orders.

Our products are shipped worldwide.

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