Product: 7800-B-1-1

Product Information

Semi Gloss Black (FS27038) DuraThane


BAMS 565-002 Rev.B, Gr.A

Colour Information

Colour Specification: Fed. Std. 595

Colour Code: 27038

Black ANA 514

Technical Data Information



Trade Name



Durathane ? Semi-Gloss Finish


7800/6800/4800 Lines are aerospace grade aliphatic polyurethane formulations with exceptional durability and physical properties. Durathane Gloss Finishes are used on both commercial and defense platforms.


  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Remarkable flexibility
  • Outstanding solvent resistance
  • Superb corrosion and UV resistance

Surface Preparation

These products are designed to be applied over properly prepared and primed substrates. Primed surfaces should be coated within 2-48 hours or a light sanding (#400 grit) and solvent wipe with MEK using a clean cotton cloth should be done. Durathane Gloss Finish can be used direct to metal however only in industrial settings where optimal performance is not required

Mixing Instructions

Mix 1:1 by volume Base/Activator thoroughly. Allow 15-30 minutes induction time before using. Mix only sufficient material to use within the specified pot life. Always add reducer to the mixed product (base + activator), never the opposite.

Spray Viscosity

Recommended spray viscosity 19-26 seconds, EZ Zahn Cup #2 Reduce product at room temperature to the desired spray viscosity for your application equipment.

Line Specification

D-12-003-001/SF-000 Class III MIL-C-83286 BAMS 565-002 CL.A, GR.A DHMS C4.04 Type 2 DHMS C4.04 Type 4

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