Technical Data Sheet: 5000 line

Trade Name


Alkyd Enamel


5000 Line enamels are specially formulated to provide good exterior durability in a single component alkyd system. It is intended for use on farm, construction and material handling equipment as well as light to moderate service environments and trailer refurbishing.


  • Tough, Hard, Flexible Films
  • Very Good Oil Resistance
  • Very Good Gasoline Resistance
  • Good Colour and Gloss Retention

Surface Preparation

Ferrous (Steel): Must be clean and free from dirt, oil, grease, rust or other contaminants. Sandblasting to SSPC SP-6 or better is recommended along with an appropriate primer system. Proper surface preparation will enhance the performance of the coating system. Galvanized or Satin Cote substrates may require a vinyl wash primer to ensure good adhesion and coating performance. Aluminum: Clean using an appropriate conversion treatment then prime with vinyl wash primer or D-90Y.

Mixing Instructions

Mix thoroughly. Reduce as necessary for spray.

Spray Viscosity

See application method.

Line Specification

1-GP-88 1-GP-135 TT-E-529 Type I TT-E-527 Type I


Part NumberDescription
TT-E-529F352375000-B-109FFlat Grey (FS35237) Enamel
TT-E-527F352375000-B-109FFlat Grey (FS35237) Enamel
1-GP-135M352375000-B-109FFlat Grey (FS35237) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1352375000-B-109FFlat Grey (FS35237) Enamel
TT-E-529F361735000-B-114FFlat Grey (FS36173) Enamel
TT-E-527F361735000-B-114FFlat Grey (FS36173) Enamel
1-GP-135M361735000-B-114FFlat Grey (FS36173) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1361735000-B-114FFlat Grey (FS36173) Enamel
TT-E-529F261735000-B-114SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26173) Enamel
TT-E-527F261735000-B-114SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26173) Enamel
1-GP-135M261735000-B-114SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26173) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1261735000-B-114SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26173) Enamel
TT-E-529F261525000-B-168SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26152) Enamel
TT-E-527F261525000-B-168SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26152) Enamel
1-GP-135M261525000-B-168SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26152) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1261525000-B-168SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26152) Enamel
TT-E-529F360995000-B-16FFlat Grey (FS36099) Enamel
TT-E-527F360995000-B-16FFlat Grey (FS36099) Enamel
1-GP-135M360995000-B-16FFlat Grey (FS36099) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1360995000-B-16FFlat Grey (FS36099) Enamel
TT-E-529F260995000-B-16SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26099) Enamel
TT-E-527F260995000-B-16SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26099) Enamel
1-GP-135M260995000-B-16SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26099) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1260995000-B-16SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26099) Enamel
TT-E-529F361765000-B-173FFlat Grey (FS36176) Enamel
TT-E-527F361765000-B-173FFlat Grey (FS36176) Enamel
1-GP-135M361765000-B-173FFlat Grey (FS36176) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1361765000-B-173FFlat Grey (FS36176) Enamel
TT-E-529F261765000-B-173SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26176) Enamel
TT-E-527F261765000-B-173SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26176) Enamel
1-GP-135M261765000-B-173SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26176) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1261765000-B-173SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26176) Enamel
TT-E-529F163145000-B-198Gloss Grey (FS16314) Enamel
TT-E-527F163145000-B-198Gloss Grey (FS16314) Enamel
1-GP-135M163145000-B-198Gloss Grey (FS16314) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1163145000-B-198Gloss Grey (FS16314) Enamel
TT-E-529F364955000-B-207FFlat Light Gray (FS36495) Enamel
TT-E-527F364955000-B-207FFlat Light Gray (FS36495) Enamel
1-GP-135M364955000-B-207FFlat Light Gray (FS36495) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1364955000-B-207FFlat Light Gray (FS36495) Enamel
TT-E-529F264935000-B-208SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26493) Enamel
TT-E-527F264935000-B-208SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26493) Enamel
1-GP-135M264935000-B-208SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26493) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1264935000-B-208SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26493) Enamel
TT-E-529F262805000-B-236SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26280) Enamel
TT-E-527F262805000-B-236SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26280) Enamel
1-GP-135M262805000-B-236SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26280) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1262805000-B-236SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26280) Enamel
TT-E-527F302195000-B-23FFlat Tan (FS30219) Enamel
TT-E-527F302195000-B-23FFlat Tan (FS30219) Enamel
1-GP-135M302195000-B-23FFlat Tan (FS30219) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1302195000-B-23FFlat Tan (FS30219) Enamel
TT-E-529F265555000-B-241SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26555) Enamel
TT-E-527F265555000-B-241SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26555) Enamel
1-GP-135M265555000-B-241SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26555) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1265555000-B-241SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26555) Enamel
TT-E-529F133035000-B-250Gloss Grey (FS13303) Enamel
TT-E-527F133035000-B-250Gloss Grey (FS13303) Enamel
1-GP-135M133035000-B-250Gloss Grey (FS13303) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1133035000-B-250Gloss Grey (FS13303) Enamel
TT-E-529F333035000-B-250FFlat Grey (FS33303) Enamel
TT-E-527F333035000-B-250FFlat Grey (FS33303) Enamel
1-GP-135M333035000-B-250FFlat Grey (FS33303) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1333035000-B-250FFlat Grey (FS33303) Enamel
TT-E-529F262505000-B-269SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26250) Enamel
TT-E-527F262505000-B-269SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26250) Enamel
1-GP-135M262505000-B-269SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26250) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1262505000-B-269SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26250) Enamel
TT-E-529F335785000-B-323FFlat Beige (FS33578) Enamel
TT-E-527F335785000-B-323FFlat Beige (FS33578) Enamel
1-GP-135M335785000-B-323FFlat Beige (FS33578) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1335785000-B-323FFlat Beige (FS33578) Enamel
PPS Beige (FS33578) Enamel
TT-E-529F262705000-B-32SGSemi Gloss Haze Grey (FS26270) Enamel
TT-E-527F262705000-B-32SGSemi Gloss Haze Grey (FS26270) Enamel
1-GP-135M262705000-B-32SGSemi Gloss Haze Grey (FS26270) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1262705000-B-32SGSemi Gloss Haze Grey (FS26270) Enamel
TT-E-529F262705000-B-32SG-QSemi Gloss Haze Grey (FS26270) Enamel
TT-E-527F262705000-B-32SG-QSemi Gloss Haze Grey (FS26270) Enamel
1-GP-135M262705000-B-32SG-QSemi Gloss Haze Grey (FS26270) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1262705000-B-32SG-QSemi Gloss Haze Grey (FS26270) Enamel
TT-E-529F362315000-B-39FFlat Grey (FS36231) Enamel
TT-E-527F362315000-B-39FFlat Grey (FS36231) Enamel
1-GP-135M362315000-B-39FFlat Grey (FS36231) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1362315000-B-39FFlat Grey (FS36231) Enamel
PPS Grey (FS36231) Enamel
TT-E-529F262315000-B-39SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26231) Enamel
TT-E-527F262315000-B-39SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26231) Enamel
1-GP-135M262315000-B-39SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26231) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1262315000-B-39SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26231) Enamel
TT-E-529F226485000-B-406SGSemi Gloss Beige (FS22648) Enamel
TT-E-527F226485000-B-406SGSemi Gloss Beige (FS22648) Enamel
1-GP-135M226485000-B-406SGSemi Gloss Beige (FS22648) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1226485000-B-406SGSemi Gloss Beige (FS22648) Enamel
TT-E-529F263075000-B-42SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26307) Enamel
TT-E-527F263075000-B-42SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26307) Enamel
1-GP-135M263075000-B-42SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26307) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1263075000-B-42SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26307) Enamel
TT-E-529F301185000-B-46FFlat Brown (FS30118) Enamel
TT-E-527F301185000-B-46FFlat Brown (FS30118) Enamel
1-GP-135M301185000-B-46FFlat Brown (FS30118) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1301185000-B-46FFlat Brown (FS30118) Enamel
TT-E-529F260445000-B-48SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26044) Enamel
TT-E-527F260445000-B-48SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26044) Enamel
1-GP-135M260445000-B-48SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26044) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1260445000-B-48SGSemi Gloss Grey (FS26044) Enamel
TT-E-529F361185000-B-49FFlat Grey (FS36118) Enamel
TT-E-527F361185000-B-49FFlat Grey (FS36118) Enamel
1-GP-135M361185000-B-49FFlat Grey (FS36118) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1361185000-B-49FFlat Grey (FS36118) Enamel
PPS Grey (FS36118) Enamel
TT-E-529F361185000-B-49F-5GLFlat Grey (FS36118) Enamel
TT-E-527F361185000-B-49F-5GLFlat Grey (FS36118) Enamel
1-GP-135M361185000-B-49F-5GLFlat Grey (FS36118) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1361185000-B-49F-5GLFlat Grey (FS36118) Enamel
PPS Grey (FS36118) Enamel
TT-E-529F261185000-B-49SG-QSemi Gloss Med. Gunship Gray (FS26118) Enamel
TT-E-527F261185000-B-49SG-QSemi Gloss Med. Gunship Gray (FS26118) Enamel
1-GP-135M261185000-B-49SG-QSemi Gloss Med. Gunship Gray (FS26118) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1261185000-B-49SG-QSemi Gloss Med. Gunship Gray (FS26118) Enamel
TT-E-529F164735000-B-52Gloss Grey (FS16473) Enamel
TT-E-527F164735000-B-52Gloss Grey (FS16473) Enamel
1-GP-135M164735000-B-52Gloss Grey (FS16473) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1164735000-B-52Gloss Grey (FS16473) Enamel
1-GP-135M363755000-B-570FFlat Grey (FS36375) Enamel
TT-E-529F235225000-B-64SGSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Enamel
TT-E-527F235225000-B-64SGSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Enamel
1-GP-135M235225000-B-64SGSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1235225000-B-64SGSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Enamel
TT-E-529F235225000-B-64SG-QSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Enamel
TT-E-527F235225000-B-64SG-QSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Enamel
1-GP-135M235225000-B-64SG-QSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1235225000-B-64SG-QSemi Gloss Beige (FS23522) Enamel
TT-E-529F164405000-B-65Gloss Grey (FS16440) Enamel
TT-E-527F164405000-B-65Gloss Grey (FS16440) Enamel
1-GP-135M164405000-B-65Gloss Grey (FS16440) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1164405000-B-65Gloss Grey (FS16440) Enamel
TT-E-529F364405000-B-65FFlat Grey (FS36440) Enamel
TT-E-527F364405000-B-65FFlat Grey (FS36440) Enamel
1-GP-135M364405000-B-65FFlat Grey (FS36440) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1364405000-B-65FFlat Grey (FS36440) Enamel
PPS Grey (FS36440) Enamel
TT-E-529F350445000-BB-13FFlat Blue (FS35044) Enamel
TT-E-527F350445000-BB-13FFlat Blue (FS35044) Enamel
1-GP-135M350445000-BB-13FFlat Blue (FS35044) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1350445000-BB-13FFlat Blue (FS35044) Enamel
PPS Blue (FS35044) Enamel
TT-E-529F350445000-BB-13F-QFlat Blue (FS35044) Enamel
TT-E-527F350445000-BB-13F-QFlat Blue (FS35044) Enamel
1-GP-135M350445000-BB-13F-QFlat Blue (FS35044) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1350445000-BB-13F-QFlat Blue (FS35044) Enamel
PPS Blue (FS35044) Enamel
TT-E-529F150525000-BB-213Gloss Blue (FS15052) Enamel
TT-E-527F150525000-BB-213Gloss Blue (FS15052) Enamel
1-GP-135M150525000-BB-213Gloss Blue (FS15052) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1150525000-BB-213Gloss Blue (FS15052) Enamel
TT-E-529F351775000-BB-259FFlat Blue (FS35177) Enamel
TT-E-527F351775000-BB-259FFlat Blue (FS35177) Enamel
1-GP-135M351775000-BB-259FFlat Blue (FS35177) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1351775000-BB-259FFlat Blue (FS35177) Enamel
PPS Blue (FS35177) Enamel
TT-E-529F351775000-BB-259F-QFlat Blue (FS35177) Enamel
TT-E-527F351775000-BB-259F-QFlat Blue (FS35177) Enamel
1-GP-135M351775000-BB-259F-QFlat Blue (FS35177) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1351775000-BB-259F-QFlat Blue (FS35177) Enamel
PPS Blue (FS35177) Enamel
TT-E-529F251935000-BB-268SGSemi Gloss Blue (FS25193) Enamel
TT-E-527F251935000-BB-268SGSemi Gloss Blue (FS25193) Enamel
1-GP-135M251935000-BB-268SGSemi Gloss Blue (FS25193) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1251935000-BB-268SGSemi Gloss Blue (FS25193) Enamel
TT-E-529F350425000-BB-321FDark Blue (FS35042) Enamel
TT-E-527F350425000-BB-321FDark Blue (FS35042) Enamel
1-GP-135M350425000-BB-321FDark Blue (FS35042) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1350425000-BB-321FDark Blue (FS35042) Enamel
150565000-BB-349Gloss BLUE (FS15056)ALKYD ENAMEL
TT-E-529F152005000-BB-56Sky Blue (FS15200) Enamel
TT-E-527F152005000-BB-56Sky Blue (FS15200) Enamel
1-GP-135M152005000-BB-56Sky Blue (FS15200) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1152005000-BB-56Sky Blue (FS15200) Enamel
TT-E-529F152005000-BB-56-QSky Blue (FS15200) Enamel
TT-E-527F152005000-BB-56-QSky Blue (FS15200) Enamel
1-GP-135M152005000-BB-56-QSky Blue (FS15200) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1152005000-BB-56-QSky Blue (FS15200) Enamel
TT-E-529F351095000-BB-57FFlat Blue (FS35109) Enamel
TT-E-527F351095000-BB-57FFlat Blue (FS35109) Enamel
1-GP-135M351095000-BB-57FFlat Blue (FS35109) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1351095000-BB-57FFlat Blue (FS35109) Enamel
PPS Blue (FS35109) Enamel
TT-E-529F251095000-BB-57SG-QSemi Gloss Blue (FS25109) Enamel
TT-E-527F251095000-BB-57SG-QSemi Gloss Blue (FS25109) Enamel
1-GP-135M251095000-BB-57SG-QSemi Gloss Blue (FS25109) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1251095000-BB-57SG-QSemi Gloss Blue (FS25109) Enamel
TT-E-529F351645000-BB-58FFlat Intermediate Blue (FS35164) Enamel
TT-E-527F351645000-BB-58FFlat Intermediate Blue (FS35164) Enamel
1-GP-135M351645000-BB-58FFlat Intermediate Blue (FS35164) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1351645000-BB-58FFlat Intermediate Blue (FS35164) Enamel
PPS Intermediate Blue (FS35164) Enamel
TT-E-529F301175000-BR-469FFlat Brown (FS30117) Enamel
TT-E-527F301175000-BR-469FFlat Brown (FS30117) Enamel
1-GP-135M301175000-BR-469FFlat Brown (FS30117) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1301175000-BR-469FFlat Brown (FS30117) Enamel
TT-E-529F340975000-G-121FFlat Field Green (FS34097) Enamel
TT-E-527F340975000-G-121FFlat Field Green (FS34097) Enamel
1-GP-135M340975000-G-121FFlat Field Green (FS34097) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1340975000-G-121FFlat Field Green (FS34097) Enamel
TT-E-529F240975000-G-121SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24097) Enamel
TT-E-527F240975000-G-121SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24097) Enamel
1-GP-135M240975000-G-121SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24097) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1240975000-G-121SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24097) Enamel
TT-E-529F140845000-G-122Gloss Green (FS14084) Enamel
TT-E-527F140845000-G-122Gloss Green (FS14084) Enamel
1-GP-135M140845000-G-122Gloss Green (FS14084) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1140845000-G-122Gloss Green (FS14084) Enamel
TT-E-529F340845000-G-122FFlat Green (FS34084) Enamel
TT-E-527F340845000-G-122FFlat Green (FS34084) Enamel
1-GP-135M340845000-G-122FFlat Green (FS34084) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1340845000-G-122FFlat Green (FS34084) Enamel
TT-E-529F240845000-G-122SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24084) Enamel
TT-E-527F240845000-G-122SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24084) Enamel
1-GP-135M240845000-G-122SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24084) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1240845000-G-122SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24084) Enamel
TT-E-529F244105000-G-158SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24410) Enamel
TT-E-527F244105000-G-158SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24410) Enamel
1-GP-135M244105000-G-158SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24410) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1244105000-G-158SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24410) Enamel
TT-E-529F240525000-G-15SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24052) Enamel
TT-E-527F240525000-G-15SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24052) Enamel
1-GP-135M240525000-G-15SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24052) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1240525000-G-15SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24052) Enamel
TT-E-529F240525000-G-15SG-5GLSemi Gloss Green (FS24052) Enamel
TT-E-527F240525000-G-15SG-5GLSemi Gloss Green (FS24052) Enamel
1-GP-135M240525000-G-15SG-5GLSemi Gloss Green (FS24052) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1240525000-G-15SG-5GLSemi Gloss Green (FS24052) Enamel
TT-E-529F240525000-G-15SG-QSemi Gloss Green (FS24052) Enamel
TT-E-527F240525000-G-15SG-QSemi Gloss Green (FS24052) Enamel
1-GP-135M240525000-G-15SG-QSemi Gloss Green (FS24052) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1240525000-G-15SG-QSemi Gloss Green (FS24052) Enamel
TT-E-529F141155000-G-166Gloss Green (FS14115) Enamel
TT-E-527F141155000-G-166Gloss Green (FS14115) Enamel
1-GP-135M141155000-G-166Gloss Green (FS14115) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1141155000-G-166Gloss Green (FS14115) Enamel
TT-E-529F344245000-G-167FFlat Green (FS34424) Enamel
TT-E-527F344245000-G-167FFlat Green (FS34424) Enamel
1-GP-135M344245000-G-167FFlat Green (FS34424) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1344245000-G-167FFlat Green (FS34424) Enamel
TT-E-529F345405000-G-177SGSemi Gloss Green SG Match 34540 (FS34540) Enamel
TT-E-527F345405000-G-177SGSemi Gloss Green SG Match 34540 (FS34540) Enamel
1-GP-135M345405000-G-177SGSemi Gloss Green SG Match 34540 (FS34540) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1345405000-G-177SGSemi Gloss Green SG Match 34540 (FS34540) Enamel
TT-E-529F340795000-G-17FFlat Green (FS34079) Enamel
TT-E-527F340795000-G-17FFlat Green (FS34079) Enamel
1-GP-135M340795000-G-17FFlat Green (FS34079) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1340795000-G-17FFlat Green (FS34079) Enamel
TT-E-529F340795000-G-17F-QFlat Forest Green (FS34079) Enamel
TT-E-527F340795000-G-17F-QFlat Forest Green (FS34079) Enamel
1-GP-135M340795000-G-17F-QFlat Forest Green (FS34079) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1340795000-G-17F-QFlat Forest Green (FS34079) Enamel
TT-E-529F141095000-G-181Gloss Green (FS14109) Enamel
TT-E-527F141095000-G-181Gloss Green (FS14109) Enamel
1-GP-135M141095000-G-181Gloss Green (FS14109) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1141095000-G-181Gloss Green (FS14109) Enamel
TT-E-529F341025000-G-182FFlat Light Green (FS34102) Enamel
TT-E-527F341025000-G-182FFlat Light Green (FS34102) Enamel
1-GP-135M341025000-G-182FFlat Light Green (FS34102) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1341025000-G-182FFlat Light Green (FS34102) Enamel
TT-E-529F342265000-G-188FFlat Green (FS34226) Enamel
TT-E-527F342265000-G-188FFlat Green (FS34226) Enamel
1-GP-135M342265000-G-188FFlat Green (FS34226) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1342265000-G-188FFlat Green (FS34226) Enamel
TT-E-529F340965000-G-27FFlat Dark Green (FS34096) Enamel
TT-E-527F340965000-G-27FFlat Dark Green (FS34096) Enamel
1-GP-135M340965000-G-27FFlat Dark Green (FS34096) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1340965000-G-27FFlat Dark Green (FS34096) Enamel
TT-E-529F341285000-G-34128Flat Deep Green (FS34128) Enamel
TT-E-527F341285000-G-34128Flat Deep Green (FS34128) Enamel
1-GP-135M341285000-G-34128Flat Deep Green (FS34128) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1341285000-G-34128Flat Deep Green (FS34128) Enamel
TT-E-529F340945000-G-383FFlat Green 383 (FS34094) Enamel
TT-E-527F340945000-G-383FFlat Green 383 (FS34094) Enamel
1-GP-135M340945000-G-383FFlat Green 383 (FS34094) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1340945000-G-383FFlat Green 383 (FS34094) Enamel
TT-E-529F340945000-G-383F-5GLFlat Green 383 (FS34094) Enamel
TT-E-527F340945000-G-383F-5GLFlat Green 383 (FS34094) Enamel
1-GP-135M340945000-G-383F-5GLFlat Green 383 (FS34094) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1340945000-G-383F-5GLFlat Green 383 (FS34094) Enamel
TT-E-529F340955000-G-60FFlat Green (FS34095) Enamel
TT-E-527F340955000-G-60FFlat Green (FS34095) Enamel
1-GP-135M340955000-G-60FFlat Green (FS34095) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1340955000-G-60FFlat Green (FS34095) Enamel
TT-E-529F340955000-G-60F-QFlat Field Green (FS34095) Enamel
TT-E-527F340955000-G-60F-QFlat Field Green (FS34095) Enamel
1-GP-135M340955000-G-60F-QFlat Field Green (FS34095) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1340955000-G-60F-QFlat Field Green (FS34095) Enamel
TT-E-529F240955000-G-60SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24095) Enamel
TT-E-527F240955000-G-60SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24095) Enamel
1-GP-135M240955000-G-60SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24095) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1240955000-G-60SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24095) Enamel
TT-E-529F340835000-G-71FFlat Green (FS34083) Enamel
TT-E-527F340835000-G-71FFlat Green (FS34083) Enamel
1-GP-135M340835000-G-71FFlat Green (FS34083) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1340835000-G-71FFlat Green (FS34083) Enamel
TT-E-529F340835000-G-71F-QFlat Green (FS34083) Enamel
TT-E-527F340835000-G-71F-QFlat Green (FS34083) Enamel
1-GP-135M340835000-G-71F-QFlat Green (FS34083) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1340835000-G-71F-QFlat Green (FS34083) Enamel
TT-E-529F140625000-G-84Gloss Dark Green (FS14062) Enamel
TT-E-527F140625000-G-84Gloss Dark Green (FS14062) Enamel
1-GP-135M140625000-G-84Gloss Dark Green (FS14062) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1140625000-G-84Gloss Dark Green (FS14062) Enamel
TT-E-529F340885000-G-88FFlat Olive Drab (FS34088) Enamel
TT-E-527F340885000-G-88FFlat Olive Drab (FS34088) Enamel
1-GP-135M340885000-G-88FFlat Olive Drab (FS34088) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1340885000-G-88FFlat Olive Drab (FS34088) Enamel
TT-E-529F340885000-G-88F-QFlat Olive Drab (FS34088) Enamel
TT-E-527F340885000-G-88F-QFlat Olive Drab (FS34088) Enamel
1-GP-135M340885000-G-88F-QFlat Olive Drab (FS34088) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1340885000-G-88F-QFlat Olive Drab (FS34088) Enamel
TT-E-529F340885000-G-88SGFlat Olive Drab (FS34088) Enamel
TT-E-527F340885000-G-88SGFlat Olive Drab (FS34088) Enamel
1-GP-135M340885000-G-88SGFlat Olive Drab (FS34088) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1340885000-G-88SGFlat Olive Drab (FS34088) Enamel
TT-E-529F245335000-G-89SGSemi Gloss Sea Foam Green (FS24533) Enamel
TT-E-527F245335000-G-89SGSemi Gloss Sea Foam Green (FS24533) Enamel
1-GP-135M245335000-G-89SGSemi Gloss Sea Foam Green (FS24533) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1245335000-G-89SGSemi Gloss Sea Foam Green (FS24533) Enamel
TT-E-529F340825000-G-90FFlat Green (FS34082) Enamel
TT-E-527F340825000-G-90FFlat Green (FS34082) Enamel
1-GP-135M340825000-G-90FFlat Green (FS34082) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1340825000-G-90FFlat Green (FS34082) Enamel
TT-E-529F141935000-G-98Gloss Green (FS14193) Enamel
TT-E-527F141935000-G-98Gloss Green (FS14193) Enamel
1-GP-135M141935000-G-98Gloss Green (FS14193) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1141935000-G-98Gloss Green (FS14193) Enamel
TT-E-529F141935000-G-98-QGloss Green (FS14193) Enamel
TT-E-527F141935000-G-98-QGloss Green (FS14193) Enamel
1-GP-135M141935000-G-98-QGloss Green (FS14193) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1141935000-G-98-QGloss Green (FS14193) Enamel
TT-E-529F140645000-G-99Gloss Green (FS14064) Enamel
TT-E-527F140645000-G-99Gloss Green (FS14064) Enamel
1-GP-135M140645000-G-99Gloss Green (FS14064) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1140645000-G-99Gloss Green (FS14064) Enamel
TT-E-529F340645000-G-99FFlat Dark Green (FS34064) Enamel
TT-E-527F340645000-G-99FFlat Dark Green (FS34064) Enamel
1-GP-135M340645000-G-99FFlat Dark Green (FS34064) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1340645000-G-99FFlat Dark Green (FS34064) Enamel
TT-E-529F240645000-G-99SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24064) Enamel
TT-E-527F240645000-G-99SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24064) Enamel
1-GP-135M240645000-G-99SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24064) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1240645000-G-99SGSemi Gloss Green (FS24064) Enamel
TT-E-529F121975000-O-13Gloss Orange (FS12197) Enamel
TT-E-527F121975000-O-13Gloss Orange (FS12197) Enamel
1-GP-135M121975000-O-13Gloss Orange (FS12197) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1121975000-O-13Gloss Orange (FS12197) Enamel
TT-E-529F121995000-O-16Gloss Orange (FS12199) Enamel
TT-E-527F121995000-O-16Gloss Orange (FS12199) Enamel
1-GP-135M121995000-O-16Gloss Orange (FS12199) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1121995000-O-16Gloss Orange (FS12199) Enamel
TT-E-529F121995000-O-16-QGloss Orange (FS12199) Enamel
TT-E-527F121995000-O-16-QGloss Orange (FS12199) Enamel
1-GP-135M121995000-O-16-QGloss Orange (FS12199) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1121995000-O-16-QGloss Orange (FS12199) Enamel
TT-E-529F124735000-O-79Gloss Orange (FS12473) Enamel
TT-E-527F124735000-O-79Gloss Orange (FS12473) Enamel
1-GP-135M124735000-O-79Gloss Orange (FS12473) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1124735000-O-79Gloss Orange (FS12473) Enamel
TT-E-529F222465000-O-96SGSemi Gloss Orange (FS22246) Enamel
TT-E-527F222465000-O-96SGSemi Gloss Orange (FS22246) Enamel
1-GP-135M222465000-O-96SGSemi Gloss Orange (FS22246) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1222465000-O-96SGSemi Gloss Orange (FS22246) Enamel
TT-E-529F214005000-R-141SGSemi Gloss Red (FS21400) Enamel
TT-E-527F214005000-R-141SGSemi Gloss Red (FS21400) Enamel
1-GP-135M214005000-R-141SGSemi Gloss Red (FS21400) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1214005000-R-141SGSemi Gloss Red (FS21400) Enamel
TT-E-529F113505000-R-161Gloss Red (FS11350) Enamel
TT-E-527F113505000-R-161Gloss Red (FS11350) Enamel
1-GP-135M113505000-R-161Gloss Red (FS11350) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1113505000-R-161Gloss Red (FS11350) Enamel
TT-E-529F313505000-R-161FFlat Red (FS31350) Enamel
TT-E-527F313505000-R-161FFlat Red (FS31350) Enamel
1-GP-135M313505000-R-161FFlat Red (FS31350) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1313505000-R-161FFlat Red (FS31350) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1111365000-R-22Gloss Red (FS11136) Alkyd Enamel
TT-E-529F311365000-R-22FFlat Red (FS31136) Enamel
TT-E-527F311365000-R-22FFlat Red (FS31136) Enamel
1-GP-135M311365000-R-22FFlat Red (FS31136) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1311365000-R-22FFlat Red (FS31136) Enamel
TT-E-529F111055000-R-30Gloss Red (FS11105) Enamel
TT-E-527F111055000-R-30Gloss Red (FS11105) Enamel
1-GP-135M111055000-R-30Gloss Red (FS11105) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1111055000-R-30Gloss Red (FS11105) Enamel
TT-E-529F110865000-R-304Gloss DoT Highway Red (FS11086) Enamel
TT-E-527F110865000-R-304Gloss DoT Highway Red (FS11086) Enamel
1-GP-135M110865000-R-304Gloss DoT Highway Red (FS11086) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1110865000-R-304Gloss Red DoT Highway (FS11086) Enamel
TT-E-529F113105000-R-342Gloss Red (FS11310) Enamel
TT-E-527F113105000-R-342Gloss Red (FS11310) Enamel
1-GP-135M113105000-R-342Gloss Red (FS11310) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1113105000-R-342Gloss Red (FS11310) Enamel
TT-E-529F311585000-R-367FFlat Red (FS31158) Enamel
TT-E-527F311585000-R-367FFlat Red (FS31158) Enamel
1-GP-135M311585000-R-367FFlat Red (FS31158) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1311585000-R-367FFlat Red (FS31158) Enamel
TT-E-529F221445000-R-442Gloss Red (FS22144) Enamel
TT-E-527F221445000-R-442Gloss Red (FS22144) Enamel
1-GP-135M221445000-R-442Gloss Red (FS22144) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1221445000-R-442Gloss Red (FS22144) Enamel
TT-E-529F379255000-W-1FFlat Insignia White (FS37925) Enamel
TT-E-527F379255000-W-1FFlat Insignia White (FS37925) Enamel
1-GP-135M379255000-W-1FFlat Insignia White (FS37925) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1379255000-W-1FFlat Insignia White (FS37925) Enamel
TT-E-529F279255000-W-1SGSemi Gloss White (FS27925) Enamel
TT-E-527F279255000-W-1SGSemi Gloss White (FS27925) Enamel
1-GP-135M279255000-W-1SGSemi Gloss White (FS27925) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1279255000-W-1SGSemi Gloss White (FS27925) Enamel
TT-E-529F377785000-W-205FFlat Ivory (FS37778) Enamel
TT-E-527F377785000-W-205FFlat Ivory (FS37778) Enamel
1-GP-135M377785000-W-205FFlat Ivory (FS37778) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1377785000-W-205FFlat Ivory (FS37778) Enamel
TT-E-529F178865000-W-212Gloss Off-White (FS17886) Enamel
TT-E-527F178865000-W-212Gloss Off-White (FS17886) Enamel
1-GP-135M178865000-W-212Gloss Off-White (FS17886) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1178865000-W-212Gloss Off-White (FS17886) Enamel
TT-E-529F178755000-W-74Gloss Insignia White (FS17875) Enamel
TT-E-527F178755000-W-74Gloss Insignia White (FS17875) Enamel
1-GP-135M178755000-W-74Gloss Insignia White (FS17875) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1178755000-W-74Gloss Insignia White (FS17875) Enamel
TT-E-529F378755000-W-74FFlat Insignia White (FS37875) Enamel
TT-E-527F378755000-W-74FFlat Insignia White (FS37875) Enamel
1-GP-135M378755000-W-74FFlat Insignia White (FS37875) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1378755000-W-74FFlat Insignia White (FS37875) Enamel
PPS Insignia White (FS37875) Enamel
TT-E-529F278755000-W-74SGSemi Gloss White (FS27875) Enamel
TT-E-527F278755000-W-74SGSemi Gloss White (FS27875) Enamel
1-GP-135M278755000-W-74SGSemi Gloss White (FS27875) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1278755000-W-74SGSemi Gloss White (FS27875) Enamel
PPS Gloss White (FS27875) Enamel
TT-E-529F379255000-W-86FFlat Insignia White (FS37925) Enamel
TT-E-527F379255000-W-86FFlat Insignia White (FS37925) Enamel
1-GP-135M379255000-W-86FFlat Insignia White (FS37925) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1379255000-W-86FFlat Insignia White (FS37925) Enamel
TT-E-529F334465000-Y-150FFlat Tan 686A (FS33446) Enamel
TT-E-527F334465000-Y-150FFlat Tan 686A (FS33446) Enamel
1-GP-135M334465000-Y-150FFlat Tan 686A (FS33446) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1334465000-Y-150FFlat Tan 686A (FS33446) Enamel
TT-E-529F302575000-Y-168FFlat Tan (FS30257) Enamel
TT-E-527F302575000-Y-168FFlat Tan (FS30257) Enamel
1-GP-135M302575000-Y-168FFlat Tan (FS30257) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1302575000-Y-168FFlat Tan (FS30257) Enamel
TT-E-529F333035000-Y-171FFlat Sand (FS33303) Enamel
TT-E-527F333035000-Y-171FFlat Sand (FS33303) Enamel
1-GP-135M333035000-Y-171FFlat Sand (FS33303) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1333035000-Y-171FFlat Sand (FS33303) Enamel
TT-E-529F135075000-Y-221Gloss Yellow (FS13507) Enamel
TT-E-527F135075000-Y-221Gloss Yellow (FS13507) Enamel
1-GP-135M135075000-Y-221Gloss Yellow (FS13507) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1135075000-Y-221Gloss Yellow (FS13507) Enamel
TT-E-529F136555000-Y-31Gloss Yellow (FS13655) Enamel
TT-E-527F136555000-Y-31Gloss Yellow (FS13655) Enamel
1-GP-135M136555000-Y-31Gloss Yellow (FS13655) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1136555000-Y-31Gloss Yellow (FS13655) Enamel
TT-E-529F336555000-Y-31FFlat Yellow (FS33655) Enamel
TT-E-527F336555000-Y-31FFlat Yellow (FS33655) Enamel
1-GP-135M336555000-Y-31FFlat Yellow (FS33655) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1336555000-Y-31FFlat Yellow (FS33655) Enamel
TT-E-529F135385000-Y-6Gloss Yellow (FS13538) Enamel
TT-E-527F135385000-Y-6Gloss Yellow (FS13538) Enamel
1-GP-135M135385000-Y-6Gloss Yellow (FS13538) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1135385000-Y-6Gloss Yellow (FS13538) Enamel
TT-E-529F335385000-Y-6FFlat Yellow (FS33538) Enamel
TT-E-527F335385000-Y-6FFlat Yellow (FS33538) Enamel
1-GP-135M335385000-Y-6FFlat Yellow (FS33538) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1335385000-Y-6FFlat Yellow (FS33538) Enamel
PPS Yellow (FS33538) Enamel
TT-E-529F135385000-Y-6-QGloss Yellow (FS13538) Enamel
TT-E-527F135385000-Y-6-QGloss Yellow (FS13538) Enamel
1-GP-135M135385000-Y-6-QGloss Yellow (FS13538) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1135385000-Y-6-QGloss Yellow (FS13538) Enamel
TT-E-529F235385000-Y-6SGSemi Gloss Yellow (FS23538) Enamel
TT-E-527F235385000-Y-6SGSemi Gloss Yellow (FS23538) Enamel
1-GP-135M235385000-Y-6SGSemi Gloss Yellow (FS23538) Enamel
1-GP-88M, Type 1235385000-Y-6SGSemi Gloss Yellow (FS23538) Enamel

Tempo Aerospace is a AS9100D and ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturer and distributor of high performance polyurethane, epoxy, polysiloxane, lacquer and alkyd coatings.

Our specialty lies in producing made to order batches, ranging from 1 to 300 gallons (4 to 1,100L) in our 25,000 square foot controlled goods certified facility in Toronto, Canada. Custom labelling and packaging in compliance with IATA, IMDG and TDG provides expedited turnaround times for sensitive orders.

Our products are shipped worldwide.

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