Technical Data Sheet: DynaGrip20

Trade Name

DynaGrip 20



DynaGrip™ 20, is a Flexible Polyurethane Non-Skid Coating, in a fine texture profile designed to
replace adhesive non-skid tapes that are prone to delamination. DynaGrip™ 20 offers excellent
durability, color retention, and stain resistance and can be applied as is or top coated with 2K urethanes
in a desired color.


DynaGrip™ 20, was designed to offer a Flexible Non-skid Coating, for applications
where expansion and contraction or the flexing of the substrate may be a concern. DynaGrip™ 20 can
be either roll or spray applied (see equipment notes below).

VOC: 2.0 lbs/gallon max

Dry Times:
Dry to Touch: 24 hours @ 75ºF
Dry to Hard: 48 hrs @ 75ºF
Cure to Full Service: 7-days @ 75ºF
Full Cure: 7 days @ 75º F Note: Surface is ready for light foot traffic @ 48hrs.

Surface Preparation

N-4718 1K Wash Primer, or B-875/T-99 2K Wash Primer
N-9555A 2K Urethane Primer, N-8901A/BDR Epoxy Primer, or for enhanced corrosion
protection N-8093A/BF Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer.
Previously Painted Surfaces:
Surface should be intact and sound. All loose and flaking material removed and bare spots
primed with an appropriate primer. Hard Glossy surfaces should be sanded with 80 grit
sandpaper. An area should be tested with the coating to assure compatibility and proper
Due to the wide variety of plastic available it is highly recommended that you contact your
NCP Representative to design the proper system for you.

Mixing Instructions

Mix 6:1 by volume Comp A with T-422R
Pot Life: 3 -4 Hours at 75˚F

Spray Viscosity

Line Specification


Part NumberDescription
-, -BlackNCP-N-9810-1KT

Black DynaGrip 20 Fine Grit

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Our specialty lies in producing made to order batches, ranging from 1 to 300 gallons (4 to 1,100L) in our 25,000 square foot controlled goods certified facility in Toronto, Canada. Custom labelling and packaging in compliance with IATA, IMDG and TDG provides expedited turnaround times for sensitive orders.

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